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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This is probably why I should have a tumblr...

...because I read other people's tumblrs and find awesome things on them I want to reblog. But how many platforms can I really maintain, anyway? But anyway, since I seem to talk about dating a is this:

i was familiar with the little mating rituals of getting to know each other, of dragging out the stories from childhood, summer camp, and high school, the famous humiliations, and the adorable things you said as a child, the familial dramas—of having a portrait of yourself, all the while making yourself out to be a little brighter, a little more deep than deep down you knew you actually were. and though i hadn’t had more than three or four relationships, i already knew that each time the thrill of telling another the story of yourself wore off a little more, each time you threw yourself into it a little less, and grew more distrustful of an intimacy that always, in the end, failed to pass into true understanding.
nicole krauss, great house.