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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Haikus For You

When I get bored, I write profound and witty little haikus. Once, I turned in a haiku for an entire grad school class assignment. I thought I was being subversive, but I was clearly not. Sadly, the professor was not amused or annoyed. Here, however, are some other grad school-inspired haikus.

On Behavioral Disorders:


Defiance disorder is

The Best Way to Be

On Dating in LA:

Open hearts to love?

Meet while inebriated.

It’s shenanigans.

On Taking Courses with Faculty:

The syllabus changed

Oh wait, no it didn’t. Mea

Culpa. My soul hurts

On the graduate student's mind and body:

I miss pedicures.

Grad school harms body and soul

Would corporate pay?

On Time:

Calendars speed past

Books do not. If only I

Could Self-motivate

Would be out of business

Sans all of our pain

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